Woodinville Real Estate Market Ranked #1 by Zillow!

The In Cloud Light III sculpture looking towards Woodin Creek Village in Woodinville, WA

According to a report published by Zillow, the Woodinville real estate market was the most popular housing market across the United States for Q1 2022! Zillow points out that every city on their top-10 list is about 30 miles from the nearest city center. Being a Woodinville-based agent the recent draw definitely makes sense to me. Without traffic you can get to downtown Seattle in about 30-40 minutes from Woodinville, while also enjoying the peace and solitude of larger lots. Woodinville also has everything to offer from mixed-use condos, HOA developments, and horse farms on acreage. On the more rural/unincorporated side of Woodinville (zip code 98077) I saw a huge increase for demand and skyrocketing sales prices during the pandemic. One big driver is remote work offering home shoppers the ability to prioritize space, sometimes lower costs compared to the city center, and still close enough to commute when needed.

The suburbs in Zillow’s top 10 list all had one major factor in common: they are seeing their home value growth exceed that of their closest major city. That definitely makes sense based on the major changes of how work gets done over the past two years. In fact, Zillow reported that 8 out of the 10 cities on their top 10 list had higher home values than their nearest major city! Trailing behind Woodinville on the list was Burke, Virginia and Highlands Ranch, Colorado in the #2 and #3 spots.

As a Woodinville-based real estate agent and resident it makes me really happy to see our little city ranking so high. I have helped many of my clients buy and sell homes in the Woodinville area and I’m always happy to help others. Knowing the local market and knowing many of the local agents personally can be very advantageous for my clients when buying or selling a home. If you join the Woodinville Neighbors Facebook Group and search for Jennifer Beeler, you will find many glowing recommendations for my services as a listing and buyers agent.

If you’d like to further discuss buying or selling a home in Woodinville, feel free to contact me. I am available 7 days per week via phone, text, or email.


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